Know what your customers want.
Before they want it.

With its AI-driven profiling and decisioning platform, BD4 transforms e-commerce businesses into customer-centric businesses, enabling them to understand and reflect each individual’s needs at the same time. At scale.

The better your brand connects to each individual, the more relevant your offers and services, the more valuable your relationship, the higher your conversion, the greater your success.

Focus on profiling & decisioning to win the individual. Scale success with BD4.

  • Improved cross-selling
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Increased booking conversion
  • Superior customer service
  • Improved average booking value
  • Improved Remarketing Efficiency
  • Additional monetization options
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Create faster take-up.
Before take-off.

Despite huge investment in marketing and e-commerce stacks airlines struggle to put precise messages, products or content in front of possible passengers in the moment they are making a decision. 360-degree view of customers ignore unknown people and are too slow to action. Segments are too imprecise to target correctly and result in dilution and inefficiency.

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Get the full picture at the right time. And choose your triggers individually.

BD4 profiles everyone showing the best available picture of what that person wants. Matched with perfect product knowledge and learning models our AI-driven profiling and decisioning platform can range from customizing ancillaries to finding non-dilutionary ways to encourage booking.

It’s easy to give vouchers, but imagine a decision platform that can tell you who would book without a voucher and who needs one to convert. And the same can be true for ancillaries, fare family upgrades and product sales.

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Take each customer on a journey.
Before the journey.

Online travel selling is hard. Long sales periods, huge combinations of data, products that disappear or change and seasonality all combine to create a perfect storm for marketing. In outsourcing audiences to search engines, travel sellers have a measurable route to finding customers, but they lose the ability to address people as individuals. These audiences are made up of people looking for the same products for different reasons. That makes selling very difficult, as messages cannot be tailored to the individual.

Profiling detects each individual’s needs. Faster than you can read this.

With its unique and award-winning solution, BD4 transforms audiences and segments into profiled individuals. It provides the link between acquired groups of clients and known customers by treating all customers as individuals. Through a deep understanding of the interaction between users and products, BD4 can provide the triggers to personalize how offers are presented to clients, thus improving conversion, and booking value. This can be through personalizing sort orders in combination with tailored recommendations and highlighted messages. Signals can even be turned off to avoid distraction or removed to avoid dilution, but in a learned and controlled manner.

BD4 was designed to bring the customer to the heart of retailing. We strive to understand your products and how they compare and differ. We help you listen to what your customer is after. Then we help you address the immediate need of that individual while measuring and protecting their lifetime value

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Support your customers in their decisions. Through user profile based experiences.

Retailers are faced with overwhelming amounts of data and patterns of consumption that continuously change. Understanding intent is hard and doing something with that in real-time is harder. As a product teams have to resort to simple hypotheses and test them sequentially to see what works. Results are hard to explain, and channels tend to be focused on what is best for most users, not what is right for that person.

Understand the desire of each customer. And exceed it.

BD4 builds pictures of every individual, what do they want and what is of interest. These profiles can be individually actioned to recommend, encourage, and incentivize purchase, sign up or loyalty.

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Human touch e-commerce.

BD4 represents a new approach to designing digital sales. Bringing the power of crafted, industry-specific algorithms, customer understanding and a vision of a fresh approach to selling – revolutionizing how you address clients and maximize impact.

Why profiling

Consumers today want to be treated as individuals. They expect products and services that meet their needs. Why? Because they are not averages, segments or personas – they are people who want to engage with your brand.

How to profile

BD4 is doing this by unique real-time profiling of each and every individual supported by a plethora of proven cases tailored to specific industries. Our actions can be measured and explained. This is how you always thought e-commerce should be, personal, fast, relevant, and elegant.

What profiling does

BD4 brings a human vision to e-commerce, built on machine learning, a passion for customer value and a knowledge of how individualized real-time interactions are the true moment of truth for digital brands.

Start understanding customers and products in detail and in combination.

Fully industry related.
BD4 does not do average. So we have crafted models for each of the areas we work in. Selling travel and selling fashion are very different, requiring not only knowledge but different models and algorithms.

We enter segments carefully, crafting algorithms to ensure relevance and pertinence.


  • In travel, the absence of shopping baskets and the low conversion rates mean that an inference-based model is required.
  • In retail, the daily changing patterns mean that CRM based approaches require unwieldy and slow rule sets and only address known individuals.

The right customer. ​
The right offer.​​
At the right time.

Our AI-powered approach is based on a Probabilistic Knowledge Base

Be always relevant to each and every individual:

  • Use sector-specific models of clients and products
  • Benefit from real-time modelling of clients
  • Individualize scores and outcomes
  • Combine machine learning and business rules
  • Deal with complex parameters and out of the box models to improve performance (recommenders, sort, vouchers)

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