BD4 to cease operations in 2023

dnata Travel and the founders of BD4 have in February 2023 announced the closure of the BD4 business. The decision was made after a thorough strategic and commercial review, taking various factors into consideration, including challenging market conditions and future direction and growth prospects.

BD4 will gradually cease operations and services. During the transition period, the company will prioritise the interest of its employees and partners. BD4 will provide all possible support to affected team members, and work closely with its customers and suppliers to ensure a smooth transition and minimize any impact on their businesses. The company will strictly comply with all applicable regulations and fulfil all of its legal and contractual obligations. Timelines will be determined in due course.

Founded a decade ago, BD4, an awardwinning company, has provided travel businesses with a variety of AIdriven solutions, enabling them to personalize their customers’ shopping experience in realtime and recommend the most relevant products, services and content to them. In 2018, dnata Travel acquired a majority stake in the business.

BD4 would like to thank its staff and customers for their support during these years.

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