About BD4 Group

BD4 transforms e-commerce businesses into customer-centric businesses,
enabling them to understand and reflect each individual’s needs at the same time.
At scale.

You know what your customers want before they want it.

Who is BD4?

BD4, registered as BD4 Group GmbH, is a specialist in the field of AI-powered real-time user profiling and decisioning optimization. At scale for known and anonymous audiences.

The BD4 Group is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), with account executives in several markets including UK, US, France and Spain. The company is majority-owned by dnata, which forms part of the Emirates Group.

4 true customer relations

Humans are unique, why not treat them uniquely?

BD4 believes that the success of any e-commerce business depends on the quality of its user relationships. The more personal an information or service, the more effective it will be. That is the key to customer centricity and that is why BD4’s solution enables companies to serve anonymous users as unique as known customers.

BD4’s Mission – Powered by growing intelligence

In 2013 three former Amadeus colleagues founded the company under the name bd4travel, big data for travel, as all three founders had tremendous experience in the travel technology sector.

The belief: Only a constantly learning AI driven platform can manage the complexity of delivering true personalized experiences in real time.

Evolution and expansion of bd4travel into BD4

To accelerate and support its development and expansion, dnata took a majority
stake in the company in 2018 and incorporated it into the Emirates Group.

4 better decisions

Today, BD4 (refined as “Better Decisions for”) provides the leading AI-driven real-time profiling and decisioning platform for the travel, airline, and retail industry. It enables businesses not only to show the right offer to the right customer at the right time, but also enables a magnitude of optimization opportunities for customer-centric business processes. We call it human touch e-commerce – our clients call it their best decisions.

The 2 at BD4

Andy is BD4’s visionary co-founder and oversees business development and the overall growth strategy. As a highly regarded travel technology specialist, he is also chairman of Peakwork.

Prior to founding BD4, Andy was CEO of the Amadeus Leisure Group, Director of Leisure Strategy at Amadeus and GM of IT and HR at Virgin Atlantic. He has been on the board of several travel businesses including Comtech and Multicom and has worked extensively in international leisure markets. Andy is famous for his rousing lectures and willingness to share his knowledge.

If Andy hadn’t opted for a business career, he’d probably still be training on the soccer field or traveling around the globe. Andy prefers holidays that reunite his multi-generation family – preferably at the Côte d’Azur or in his cozy home in the UK.

Melanie is Co-Founder of BD4 and oversees all things from strategy to product management, development and implementation. Before co-founding BD4, Melanie was VP of Product and Marketing at TravelTainment. Before, she worked as Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy at Amadeus, and Product Manager for tourism e-commerce solutions at Start Media Plus.

In her free time, you can find Melanie introducing her two children to the wonders of product development, armed with a box of blocks and legos. Melanie spends her rare holidays preferably together with her family either in a pool situated in the Mediterranean – or at a nice wellness- hotel in the Austrian Alps.

4 long-lasting success

BD4’s self-learning AI technology ensures that all data collected improves the user experience – whilereflecting the businesses strategies and commercial targets to provide user experiences that ensureachieving their long-term goals.


Clients of BD4

BD4’s clients can combine their market and product knowledge
with specific AI models for Airlines, Online Travel and Retail to
create true customer centricity.

BD4 Testimonial - Etihad Airways
BD4 Testimonial - easyJet holidays
BD4 Testimonial - easyJet holidays
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Etihad Airways - A client of BD4
Frank Meyer, Chief Digital Officer at Etihad

“During extensive evaluation, the BD4 team worked seamlessly with ours, supporting the development of a data driven experimentation framework and enabling data-based decisions. We have already seen their industry-specific AI solution deliver against our commercial goals. The results of our trials are just the start as we work with them to further enhance our website and provide customers with an intuitive, personalized online experience.”

EasyJet Holidays - One of BD4's clients
Alex Black, Digital Experience Manager at easyJet holidays

“To better understand our customers, we wanted to adapt our approach to data and improve our understanding of how we can best serve different users. The BD4 personalization platform is incredibly intuitive. The insights and guidance from the team enable us to optimize our site and identify opportunities at a really quick pace, helping our customers make travel decisions faster and in fewer clicks.” “When it comes to this tool it’s kind of the sky’s the limit for us (…) opportunity to impress their own customers.”

Neckermann - One of BD4's clients
Gerd de Caluwe, CEO at Neckermann

“The results from the first use case in our B2C environment are promising. Having access to the technological solutions BD4 and NetMatch offer means we can be more innovative in our B2B approach as well, and we look forward to rolling out the solutions to our B2B website too, giving our network of travel specialists every opportunity to impress their own customers.”

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