While easyJet is well-known, easyJet holidays is a relatively new company with a startup approach.

Led by a digital team that continually tests and revises how content and offers are presented, easyJet holidays hold data at the forefront of decision-making to ensure the UX is constantly improved for their website users.

By implementing BD4’s AI-driven personalization solutions, the website now shows the most relevant products and promotions to each individual website visitor. 

In consequence, easyJet holidays increased their revenue (uplift: +5.23%; ROI of personalization: >600%) and visitor engagement, including retaining customers in the early stages of the bookings process.

Read the full case study and find out how the easyJet holidays digital team is taking a lead in AI-driven personalization.

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EasyJet Holidays Case Study - How to provide relevance at scale with the help of AI-powered customer-centricity

Starting point

While the easyJet brand is a formidable and very well-known, its subsidiary easyJet holidays is a comparatively new company that takes a startup approach to its business operations and growth.

Providing great value city and beach holidays to much loved hotels in over 100 destinations, easyJet holidays recently set up a new in-house management and booking model and launched a new website.

Their digital team takes an agile approach to deployment, continually testing and revising the presentation of content and offers, and is AI-driven in its decisions for optimizing the experience for their customers.

AI-driven personalization approach

To optimize each user’s individual experience easyJet holidays implemented BD4’s personalization technologies, allowing the most relevant products and promotions to be shared with each individual website visitor.

“We want to help customers find the best holiday to meet their requirements in the easiest way possible. It’s up to us to present the most relevant choices which best suit what they are looking for. And we also continually experiment and measure the impact of each approach to understand the behavioural changes of our visitors so we can adapt and respond in the most appropriate way.”

– says Ian Chambers, Director of Digital.

AI-powered personalization success

By implementing AI-driven personalized search result lists which sort the available holidays by personal relevance, easyJet holidays increased their revenue and visitor engagement, including retaining customers in the early stages of the booking process.

The results from a six-week A/B test on the impact of personalization on conversion and average booking values proved conclusive:

Personalization Success in numbers

“The personalisation technology we’re using with BD4 is really exciting, and it seems our customers agree. We’ve improved the average click position of a converting holiday by two positions, and there are even cases where we’ve brought holidays from the third page all the way up to the first. Helping our customers make their decision faster and in fewer clicks is a great result for them and us”

– explains Alex Black, Digital Experience Manager.
Result of deploying AI-driven personalization solution

Presenting relevant offers

With BD4’s solutions providing new capabilities, easyJet holidays’ digital team is able to drill into all aspects of the booking journey, achieving a greater understanding of how their users are adopting the new AI-driven shopping support and providing a more personalized user experience.

Their forward- thinking commercial team is also exploring how to best adopt the more personalized approach to selling travel, moving from manually curated lists of holidays and hotels to a more automated process, which will help drive their commercial KPIs.

Like Netflix and Amazon, easyJet holidays is utilizing AI to better understand its customers and provide the most relevant and engaging recommendations. This enables customers to review holiday choices from a highly relevant product set, matched to their profile.

The technology also allows easyJet holidays to weight products relevant to the individual customer: this allows users to retain a tailored digital experience whilst easyJet holidays can manage commercial partnerships, providing increased visibility of preferred products without impeding the customer experience.

How to provide relevance at scale?

easyJet holidays created tests, running a manually created list of hotel properties against a list generated by BD4’s AI. The AI-presented recommendations saw improved revenues and bookings – the result of being placed in front of the right customer at the right time – matching the key attributes of the holiday to the user’s profile.

Interestingly, the AI needed less interactions in terms of views and clicks to achieve this result. The residual traffic was then used to present even better fitting options – again supporting higher conversions.

Providing relevance at scale with personalization systems

Key learning after using AI-driven personalization solution

Relevance is key
: showing the right product to the right user at the right time will deliver instant value, increased engagement and more bookings at a higher rate. AI is able to drive relevance in product displays in real-time.

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