We joined hundreds of other influential travel leaders at the Phocuswright Europe 2022 conference.

Main conference theme

Held in Amsterdam from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th June 2022, the conference had a theme of ‘Fast Forward: A Strong, Sustainable Future’.

As travel returned, travellers were considering what’s important to them and looking for companies that align with their travel needs and values.

How can you engage your customers and communicate with them in real-time to help your business towards a strong, sustainable future? Technological advancements and innovative uses of existing technology are still key to building back better. 

Interview with Andy Owen Jones at Phocuswright Europe 2022

Phocuswire Senior reporter Linda Fox has interviewed Andy Owen Jones, BD4’s CEO, in the PhocusWire Studio at the Phocuswright Conference Europe. They were talking about if travel is taking the wrong approach tho personalization and if the industry can learn anything from the wider retail sector.

Andy also shared the approach of a case study where an airline was able to increase revenue by reducing the cost of discounts:

“Let’s look at who is about to leave. Let’s look at where they are in the funnel. Let’s look at who is price sensitive. And then let’s create one where we put vouchers into the audience to respond to them and pick up the signals of who would have bought with one and who would have bought without one”,

says Andy Owen Jones at Phocuswright Europe 2022

Technology roundtable at Phocuswright Europe

Andy Owen Jones was also joined by travel industry leaders on the technology roundtable on Tuesday 28 June.

The discussion focused on The Digital Future. Technology promised to transform the way consumers research, book and experience travel – but how well used were voice, chatbots, AI, VR and blockchain in travel? What possibilities existed for the future?

Andy was joined by industry experts from WeTravel and Lufthansa Innovation Hub, with the session hosted by Fabian Gonzalez from Phocuswright.

Phocuswright Europe’s technology roundtable was suitable for anyone with an interest in travel technology.

BD4 team at Phocuswright Europe in Amsterdam

With plenty of official – and unofficial – networking opportunities available throughout the conference, we were looking forward to meet new faces and old favorites!

Presentation on Phocuswright Europe in Amsterdam
Team on Phocuswright Europe in Amsterdam
Hall of Phocuswright Europe in Amsterdam

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