Formerly known as Travel Technology Europe, TTS took centre stage in London in June 2022. The TravelTech Show was the meeting place for the world’s top travel technology professionals – and BD4 wanted to be there! 

A new home for TravelTech Show

Running Wednesday 29th to Thursday 30th June 2022, the TTS 2022 has been held at London’s ExCel. The aim of the show was to provide a fresh look at how travel companies can innovate their customer experience and day-to-day working lives.

There were eight main topics across the two-day TravelTech Show, including:

  • Controlling costs
  • Financial recovery
  • Innovation
  • Travel reboot
  • Winning customers
  • Managing change
  • Elevate mobile
  • Enhancing payments.

The highlight of TTS agenda

Rounded out TTS 2022, our CEO Andy Owen Jones planed to chat alongside other travel industry professionals about ‘Which travel start-ups actually succeeded? And how’. Unfortunately, his flight to London was cancelled and there was no possibility to dial in the panel.

Andy would have talked about learnings from launching BD4 in this session at the show’s Turing Theatre, starting 2.15pm (BST) on Thursday 30th June 2022.

As a past winner of the Travel Technology Europe’s Disrupt award, Andy wanted to share the story of BD4, giving invaluable insight for those planning a travel tech company and those in the early stages of their corporate journey.

The session has been chaired by Steve Keenan, co-founder of Travel Perspective, with Go Kyte and What Now Travel chatting. 

Catch up with BD4

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