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Getting to know a company from outside isn’t easy. Our interviews with employees should help you gain some personal insights from inside. We have interviewed some BD4 employees from different areas of the company.

Read the interviews, find out more about their personal path to working in the context of leading AI-driven technology and what they like most about the BD4 Group. Get to know the people who could possibly be your future colleagues.

Interview with employee Tyler
Interview with Tyler (back-end developer)

BD4: Tyler, you just started working for BD4 a few months ago. Can you tell us about your role, and what your responsibilities in this ai-driven company are?

Tyler: I am a back-end developer, which means I help maintain and improve the server side applications. For instance, our API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) help provide AI recommendations to the client developers and we are constantly improving these tools.

BD4: Tell us about what you’ve learnt or found interesting recently in our projects.

Tyler: (Enter trade secrets here… just kidding) I learn something every single day. We have good separation of concerns when it comes to modules and services, so it is very fault tolerant and makes debugging much more straight forward.

BD4: What makes BD4 a special employer for you? What do you enjoy about the BD4 culture and spirit?

Tyler: What is really different about BD4 is the people. I truly enjoy the folks here and they make it a joy to be around them. We constantly get together outside of work.

BD4: We employ people from all over the world. What advantage do you see in working in such an international team?

Tyler: We have people from all walks of life, so there is a unique perspective for every issue. Also I love when people bring in food from their home countries.

BD4: Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing? Any hobbies, talents or secret party tricks you’d like to share?

Tyler: I like to lift weights and (surprising to no one) play video games. I am also secretly working on a video game that I will release in 20 years when 5% of the bugs are fixed.

Interview with employee Dustin
Interview with Dustin (Data Scientist)

BD4: How long have you been working at BD4? Tell us about your role, and what your responsibilities are in this AI-driven company.

Dustin: I started at BD4 in September 2021 and work as a Data Scientist in a team of Frontend Developers, Backend Developers and Data Scientists. I focus on developing AI models in the Azure Cloud for the different clients’ use cases.

BD4: What does your day-to-day work involve?

Dustin: Developing AI models is a big part of a Data Scientist’s work. That encompasses the extraction of information from the data source, and the usage of algorithms and other techniques to get an accurate model – as well as maintenance tasks. Another important part is data quality. We need to make sure that the right data is available and that it’s good quality. Collaboration with colleagues and clients is key in achieving this.

BD4: What excites you about your field of activity?

Dustin: The first aspect is that I really like to analyze a large amount of data and get insights out of it; that can be interesting for the technology’s use case and shows the benefits to our clients. Combined with the Cloud infrastructure, there are unlimited ways to approach a problem. I also like that you need to be familiar with the client’s business. Although I work with data, teamwork is key. A Data Scientist who can connect with others will achieve the best results.

BD4: What has been the most interesting – and the most annoying thing – about your job so far?

Dustin: I really enjoy working with my colleagues every day. From a technical point of view, it is very interesting to see the possibilities the Cloud offers compared to a local environment. But developing in the Cloud means more effort in bug fixing, which can be quite challenging sometimes.

BD4: Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing? Any hobbies, talents or secret party tricks you’d like to share?

Dustin: I enjoy going to alternative and heavy metal concerts and festivals. I’m happy that this is possible again as they’re a great way to spend time with my friends.

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