It has been nine years since we walked into ITB, the world’s largest travel trade show, with a PowerPoint and a vision to create detailed profiles of website visitors so we could improve what they experience online. Since then, we have modelled over a billion customer journeys and delivered billions of recommendations to website visitors as they interacted with complex, multi-dimensional and ever-changing travel products.  


The AI-driven models we created allowed us to understand:

  • The constantly updating profile of each individual
  • The products and content being offered from the portfolio of our clients
  • The context in which these need to come together


Simply put, we learned how to address individual clients in the leisure travel industry. We have AI models and practical applications that address this market and its customers very well. We have also shown that our model works to open up the world of car hire and hotel chains.


As part of the Emirates Group, we have been able to adapt our model to work with airlines. And we have found the results are even stronger in the airline world. We can truly deliver moments of truth at scale to known and unknown airline direct channel users. 


Despite spending a lot on sophisticated marketing stacks, airlines still struggle to put the right thing (from flights and ancillaries to services and loyalty schemes and messaging) in front of the right customer at the right time. But our AI-driven approach changes that. Now airlines can tailor the experience for each and every individual – moments of truth at scale, delivered in real-time.


And there is more; we have not stopped there. 


We have now extended our model to the retail world. We are delighted to say that today we have the capability to profile every individual client of online retailers. And we are working hard with our first amazing retail partner to bring ‘real-time fast data’ together with ‘slower loyalty data’ to create the ultimate e-commerce tool for retailing.  


While we extend our business scope and portfolio of services, one thing always stays at the heart of our solutions: understanding unique individuals in real-time – to deliver truly relevant 1:1 personalisation at scale. Our mission is to make e-commerce intelligent by adding a form of digital empathy. We call that human touch e-commerce.


Therefore, we felt that the industry qualifier ‘travel’ on our brand name is no longer appropriate. By allowing customers to make better decisions across multiple industries, we have already been BD4 for some time. We deliver real-time personalisation and learning with every click. We connect and transform how our clients see their customers and once they see them as individuals it changes everything. 


So thank you to those who have been part of our beginning. It has been a great journey so far and we are very excited to work with you in the future. But it was just the beginning. There is so, so, much more that we can do for travel companies, for retail and for any sector that operates in the e-commerce sphere. Our system continuously learns and improves, and we are always seeking ways to maximise value for our clients. 


Our new brand is an evolution, an enhancement and a recognition that we can be even more precise in what we can do together. From all the team at BD4, we look forward to an expanded, exciting future.  


Melanie Sickenberger and Andy Owen-Jones
Managing Directors and Co-Founders of BD4