Every marketer wishes to identify their customer’s needs and meet them accordingly. To approach this, Hotelplan was looking for a playful possibility to match their customer’s wishes to their range of hotels. So we supported them with our AI-driven user profiling and product matching technology. The outcome, which is called Holiday Finder, is promising and has just been launched.

What does the Holiday Finder do?

At first, the Holiday Finder asks if the user is interested in beach holidays, family holidays, city breaks, entertainment and wellness and finally for the travel period.

Based on these details, the user will receive a set of matching hotels. These can be ‘liked’ or ‘disliked’ in the desktop user interface and ‘swiped’ to the left or right on the mobile device. In the end, the Holiday Finder shows individually matching travel suggestions based on the user’s entries that are used to build a predictive user profile. This user profile is built in real-time and is still anonymous, it serves to deliver a personalized user experience, not only within the Holiday Finder, but on the entire Hotelplan website.

What is Hotelplan aiming for?

According to Hotelplan, the primary goal is to inspire potential customers who are still in the so-called looker phase, the first of four stages of a travel booking journey. These users don’t know yet where to spend their next holidays. Because these users are still looking for holiday ideas, the Holiday Finder is a fantastic tool to support them finding the ideal destination, hotel and offer.

How does the AI work?

The AI-driven personalization technology from BD4 not only uses the explicit holiday style answers within the Holiday Finder. It also learns from the user’s continuative behavior on the Hotelplan website. This way, it can further optimize the provided recommendations and shape the user experience with every new data point. All this happens in real-time, with no disruption to the ‘looker’ who is left to focus on the important thing – finding the perfect holiday!

In order to select the individually most relevant products for an individual user, the bd4travel system is also continuously profiling Hotelplan’s holiday products and offers that are managed within the distribution system of Peakwork.

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