A new partnership is helping travel companies of all shapes and sizes compete with the industry’s mega brands, finding the perfect match to drive conversion and higher booking values.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with NetMatch, the market-leading Dutch provider of online distribution solutions, to help travel companies of all shapes and sizes compete with the industry’s mega brands.

One of Belgium’s fastest growing travel companies, Neckermann.be, is the first business to benefit from the joint development and roll-out of solutions. Focusing initially on the travel company’s B2C offering, the technology package combines anonymous users’ behavioral data with product insights to produce a sophisticated real-time product recommendation engine.

Neckermann.be BD4 + Netmatch partnership

Showcasing the perfect match

Travelers looking and booking on Neckermann are showcased the perfect match of holiday products based on each individual users’ profile and Neckermann’s extensive product portfolio. The AI continues to learn and understand the digital audience, taking signals from each visitor as they surf the website, continually refining the user experience to present the most relevant products.

Neckermann is reporting increases in both conversion rate from lookers to bookers, and the average booking value as the AI continues to develop its understanding,

“The results from the first use case in our B2C environment are promising. Having access to the technological solutions BD4 and NetMatch offer means we can be more innovative in our B2B approach as well, and we look forward to rolling out the solutions to our B2B website too, giving our network of travel specialists every opportunity to impress their own customers,” said Gerd de Caluwe, CEO at Neckermann.

BD4 Neckermann AI-driven solution

Maintaining data privacy

While the partnership uses key visitor behavioral activities to respond with appropriate content, it simultaneously retains the anonymity of digital users, highly valued by customers today.

“Our initial partnership roll-out with Neckermann has shown just how powerful the combined technology is at connecting people to relevant products and content – and it’s just the beginning! Together with BD4, we’re now able to provide a feature-rich ‘white label’ solution to both B2C and B2B clients within just a couple of weeks. Our clients can easily and swiftly deliver to their customers an AI-driven 1:1 personalised user experience,” commented Eric van der Hout, CEO at NetMatch. 

Two week delivery

The NetMatch team has delivered an amazing off-the-shelf solution within their platform, and they’ve delivered it at speed. By working with a partner like NetMatch, we’re able to accelerate our mission to change the way travel works. Improving the inspiration and shopping experience of holiday seekers is no longer reserved for travel’s mega-brands. Our partnership means all NetMatch’s ‘white label’ customers can put their users at the heart of everything.

Find out more about the BD4 + NetMatch partnership

Travel brands can benefit within just a few weeks from our new partnership. Find out the opportunities of how to use the latest AI technology by simply contacting us or watch the the past joint webinar to discover the power of AI-driven relevance in online distribution.

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