The power of ai-driven relevance in online distribution

Your travellers’ perfect match: The power of AI-driven relevance in online distribution

Discover the power of AI-driven relevance by getting to know the interventions that enhance e-commerce performance.

About this AI-driven relevance webinar session:

A new partnership is helping travel companies of all shapes and sizes compete with the industry’s mega brands. We as AI-driven personalization specialist and NetMatch, the market-leading Dutch provider of online distribution solutions, are rolling out joint solutions for travel businesses across Europe.

Combining anonymous users’ behavioral data with product insights, the technology partnership produces sophisticated real-time recommendation engines, showcasing the perfect match of holiday products to each individual user.

The longer each visitor spends on the website, the more refined their user experience becomes, whilst retaining the anonymity that digital users value. As the AI continues to learn, travel portals increase conversion rate from lookers to bookers, as well as the average booking value.

The partnership with Neckermann has shown just how powerful the combined solutions are at connecting people to relevant products and content. Together, we – Netmatch and BD4 – provide a feature-rich ‘white label’ solution for B2C and B2B travel companies within a few weeks.

Improving the inspiration and shopping experience of holiday seekers is no longer reserved for travel mega-brands.

In this webinar, you learn how this white label solution works. Discover the insights and best practices from its existing implementation and find out about the power of AI-driven relevance.