Incentives to stimulate customers

The over-reliance on discounts to drive sales has become a dangerous dependency for many ecommerce brands, causing negative long-term consequences.

To succeed, businesses need a greater focus on building customer loyalty and creating meaningful reward and incentive programs.

In this whitepaper you’ll discover how you can understand web visitors and how you can engage on personalized level with intelligent incentives to each of them.

We’ll also discuss:

  • Mega-sales events in the calendar
  • The desire to make impulsive purchases
  • Warning from John Lewis
  • Consumer addiction to sales
  • Travel & Airline Thinking
  • A new route to rewards

Why is personalization to incentivize customers important?

For example, airlines have traditionally segmented digital audiences with business rules.

If people fulfilled certain criteria or acted in a particular way, they would be targeted as part of a segment. When an airline’s sales pace was slow, strategy often relied on offering vouchers or discounts to drive bookings to broad audience segments.

Whilst such offerings would improve booking pace, it was ultimately diluting revenue especially from customers who would have booked without any incentive. Segmentation simply can’t account for the varying motivations of individuals, treating everyone in the same group exactly the same way.

Learn how you can engage with your users on a personalized level and with intelligent incentives!

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