Learning to let go: Monetizing non-customers in today’s online travel marketplace

With the right technology in place, it has never been easier to profit from digital traffic and monetize non-customers.

Discover our new case study exploring how you can identify the right user to let go.

We’ll also discuss:

  • The problems with digital visitors
  • Understanding a user’s perspective
  • Adopting the right perspective per user
  • Optimizing the digital experience and
  • Monetizing digital traffic

Why do we need to let go?

Crafting eye-catching digital advertising campaigns and the perfect email content to encourage click throughs is the focus of marketing teams around the globe, each seeking the ‘eyeballs’ of an increasingly savvy digital audience.

At the same time, attracting traffic to a website can be costly – both in terms of time and money.

After fighting so hard to cut through the noise and secure visitors to your website, it might seem counterintuitive to encourage users to leave your site without booking – but learning to profit from these non-customers is actually a smart business strategy.

Regrettable vs unregrettable churn

The concept of a targeted audience is omnipresent, but delving deeper and understanding regrettable versus unregrettable churn is new to most companies.

The online travel market was worth around 433 billion US dollars in 2021 and is tipped to reach almost 700 billion USD by 2026. Two-thirds of revenue in the global travel and tourism market was generated from online sales.

Considering that only 1-10 out of 100 users, depending on the type of travel business, are converting into customers, how do you turn these 90% of your audience into unregrettable churn and an additional revenue stream?

Learn how you can monetize your non-customers!

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Monetize non-customers by learning to let go