Reduce friction by identifying buyer behaviour pattern

Reduce friction by identifying and responding to buyer behavior pattern

Connect and Capture. Improve conversion with AI-driven personalization by reducing friction. Are you interested in exploring how to move your digital visitors to the next stage of their shopping journey?

Then watch the below aiTalks webinar session and discover the interventions that reduce friction in the sales process by identifying and responding to buyer behavior patterns.

In this video, you explore how AI identifies and responds to individual shoppers based on their browsing habits. Understand how you can spur your digital shoppers through the purchase process and produce smooth conversion opportunities.

Find out what causes friction in the buyer journey and how to use interventions underpinned by predictive analytics to support their experience.

Designed for eCommerce, UX and marketing managers, we cover how to:

  • Identifying friction in ecommerce
  • User profiling
  • Behavioral patterns and predictive analytics
  • Interventions that convert