How retailing helps travel companies build deeper connections with travelers

Online shopping is the start and end point for nearly every single travel booking and transaction.

Whether it’s consumers hunting for their next summer holiday, corporate travelers scheduling their next business trip, or travel agents arranging a customer’s vacation – the ‘travel retail’ experience is a digital journey.

In this whitepaper, we explore:

  • The characteristics of future-proofing travel retailing

  • Challenges in travel sales and retail today

  • The limitations of cookie cutter travel sales

  • The traveler´s perspective on travel retailing

  • Travel’s AI investment – and much more

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Travel Retailing - Learn how to build value and drive revenue

Future-proofing travel retailing

Over 2 in 5 Americans do not enjoy the travel booking experience – raising huge questions over the way in which the industry retails to its consumers.

In today’s traveler booking experience, finding the right package and product is about much more than the price – travelers seek the product that meets their needs and desires.

For travel companies to prosper, the approach to retailing must start with the needs of the customer. This is in contrast to ‘distribution’ which focuses on the needs of the producer or operator.

Cornerstones of modern travel retailing

The travel retailing evolution is far from the static brochure sites that littered the internet in the early days of online travel. The latest guise of ‘search, filter and select’ has also had its day. The paradox of choice requires travel companies to surface the products most relevant to each and every customer.

Find out how the travel sector can implement a more efficient retail environment and use AI-driven capabilities to add value to the customer journey.So, how do we use data to showcase the product information most relevant to customers? This is where the cornerstones of travel retailing can help companies capture sought after revenue and create deeper customer connections.


Find out which cornerstones there are and how the travel sector can use AI-driven capabilities to add value to the customers journey.

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